With the absence of DVD drives in most of everyone's computers nowadays do you think the age of the CD is dead, think about it, when was the last time you needed or used your pc for cd/dvd purposes, almost nearly every game/song you could ever need or want is instantly available at your fingertips for next to no cost at all (not including piracy). Just recently i saw an article that states windows 10 will be available in USB formats. we are in an era where a usb flash drive is just as cheap to manufacture as a DVD. So do you think USB will be the next DVD format per say? I think we will probably start seeing more software developers release there software on both USB flash drives and DVD format, and i think eventually we will eventually see DVD's phase out completely. while DVD's are not ancient tech, they certainly could use an upgrade. they scratch easily and dont last as long. and most of the time you can never recover your disc if its broke or too scratched. So what are your thoughts?