New edition of old drivers.
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Thread: New edition of old drivers.

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    New edition of old drivers.

    I am installing a new CNC Milling Machine that connects to the computer using a USB cable. The manual and software are from probably 2013. To illustrate how old it is, the manual says to look in Device Manager and find the 'other devices' listing. Looking for a 'Microchip Custom USB device' listing. If it is there, to upgrade the drivers with the new ones found in the driver's section of the software. Microsoft Windows 10 does not include those drivers anymore. I located those drivers with a search on Google. I now have them and will install them. Are there any 'Win 10', included drivers that would cover that application? Or does the 'original' software code need to be rewritten to use other drivers? I have written to the Service Manager that Windows does not include those drivers, anymore.

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    The Milling Machine maker would be the only group that would have any need to make newer drivers.

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    You can use only the native drivers of Milling Machine

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    As far as I know, some of the websites provide drivers for computers. These drivers can be used according to your need.

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