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    Hello guys,
    Someone gave me Lexmark Z615 printer because of "no driver for win 10". When he gave me, I tried its driver on Win 8.1 and Win 10, It didn't work because It was only for Vista. I searched ported drivers but I couldn't find it.

    So I ported it myself.

    I tried it on Windows 8.1 x64, It works very well. (except cartridge is over...)
    If I ported correctly, It must work properly on these platforms,
    - XP x64/x86
    - 7 x64/x86
    - 8/8.1 x64/x86
    - 10 x64/x86

    Click here to download

    Installion is a little bit tricky:
    1. Download file and extract it.
    2. Run "TEST_ON.bat" as ADMINISTRATOR and reboot your computer. (reboot is necessary)
    3. Run setup.exe and choose English otherwise it will close
    4. Install :)
    5. After installation, Run "TEST_OFF.bat" as ADMINISTRATOR and reboot your computer. (reboot is necessary)
    6. And your driver is ready.

    How did I port the driver and what does TEST_OFF.bat and TEST_ON.bat do (Sorry for bad English)
    Actually, I downloaded the original driver end edited a few lines of .inf file, I de-compressed compressed files (such as dlls, executables, out files, txt files etc.) with "expand" command. (Microsoft Link)
    I didn't edit any dll's, I just edited OS requirement section in INF file then I re-made the CAT file by using inf2cat tool. When I finished editing inf file, I noticed I downloaded only x86 driver so there weren't any x64 files then I downloaded 64 bit driver, I noticed they had same .inf file, the dll's were in just different folders and "setup.exe" was modified for only x86. I moved x64 folders to right places and edited Setup configration files.Also, In official website there wasn't english driver to download link but there were English Lang file in folders, so I changed some configs and made it English (my base driver was German, there was a German EULA not English but I erased that). Also, I noticed that If you install driver in non-compatible x64 OS, It was installing to "C:\Program Files (x86)(x86)" folder and I fixed that by editing more config files and in the ending, the setup was perfectly running... Now let's talk about TEST_OFF and TEST_ON;
    Actualy, they just enabling and disabling testing mode in Windows OS and disables Driver Integrity check, so It means, you can Install non-secure drivers like mine... But my driver is not not-secure driver. It seems like but it is not. The reason why it seems like non-secure is ".cat" file... Cat files are used for prevent non-secure driver installation. When I changed files (I mean, x64 files and expanded files) and INF files the cat file was corrupted and It should have re-maked and re-signed by Lexmark with their own security licenses.
    So, when you install modded, ported, edited driver, you must enable testing mode and install.

    Let's check TEST_ON.bat:

    @echo off
    title TEST MODE ON
    echo ************************
    echo Test mode is opening.
    echo ************************
    echo .
    echo .
    bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    bcdedit -set nointegritychecks on
    bcdedit -set testsigning on
    echo .
    echo .
    echo ***********************
    echo If you get "Acces denied" in your language, then run me as Administrator otherwise it's OK!
    echo Do not forget to reboot your computer.
    echo ***********************
    echo github.com/emreyigitcbc
    echo ***********************
    Now, in the first line you can see "@echo off" It turns off command-path to show up.
    echo is for writing something to console.
    BCDEdit is a command-line tool for managing Boot Configuration Data and In 3 lines of bcdedit, actually we are enabling test mode and disabling driver integrity checks (cat file checks).
    Also the reason why you must reboot your computer after running this, because whenever you edit something in Boot Configuration Data, you must re-boot to see effects because it runs only once at the boot.

    The TEST_OFF.bat is opposite of TEST_ON.bat, it just disables test mode and enables signature checking.

    I am new in this forum, I just wanted to share. If you have printer with outdated drivers you can send me, I will do my best :)
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