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    I have a generic video card based on the Intel i740 chipset. After upgrading my driver, I restarted the computer and the windows screen came up, but the colors were off (mostly purple and cyan, I think), there were vertical lines all accross the screen and the mouse and keyboard were completely locked. Even ctl-alt-del didn't work. I started Windows in safe mode and installed the older version of the driver. It Didn't work. I then returned to safe mode and installed a generic 16color 640x480 driver. Windows now works but only in the above resolution. I lost my windows 98 cd and would like to find a generic driver to get atleast 16bit@800x600. Better yet, I'd like to get the i740 driver working. I was deleting files before this happened and may have deleted something important. Help

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    Did you try reloading the driver after you had the 16 color driver working? Sometimes installing a new driver leaves some of the old one there unless you switch to the standard vga driver first to get rid of the old driver.


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