Both Intel and AMD need to slow down. Both companies need to work out there problems instead of who can make the fastest CPU.
Intel with its chronic i8XX chipset problems and AMD with their timing, heat and voltage. These CPUs isnít worth crap with the existing problems that persist today.

I much rather be running a slower CPU/Chipset that is stable than running the fastest CPU/Chipset that crashes all the time! The blame is more on the chipset than the CPUs.
There is room for both companies but not room for bad products

AMD needs to be more forgiving on Voltage and timing, were Intel needs to stop being so reliant on RAMBUS.

I am content running my BX board at 133 aka (BX/133) w/PIII 550E over clocked @ 733MHZ without one crash in the three months Iím been running this, on a two year old chipset. Give me a brake INTEL your older chip out performs your new stuff. Were is your logic, were is your advancement in technology?

Both AMD and VIA need to rework there perspective chipsets, there is still timing issues, there also a problems with the Ultra/66
It is a shame that a third party Ultra/66 PCI card out performs the on board Ultra/66
It makes a lot of since to focus on faster and faster CPUs but lack the energy and focus on the chipset, the bottom line, it makes these CPUs worthless.

The Industry should call a one-year moratorium on CPUs and start being proactive in the chipset architecture.