[RESOLVED] Are all socket 478 p4's northwoods?
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Are all socket 478 p4's northwoods?

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    Post Are all socket 478 p4's northwoods?

    by definition, is a socket 478 pentium 4 a northwood p4, or are there other differences that I should be aware of? I need to upgrade to a p4, but i've been holding out until the northwoods are out. googlegear.com has the new socket 478 p4's, but I wonder if they are northwoods?



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    Darren Wilson


    No they are not Northwood's as the current S478 CPU's are still 0.18 die & 256Kb Cache whilst the Northwoods are 0.13 die & 512Kb L2 Cache.

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