[RESOLVED] USB Drivers for Windows 98
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Thread: [RESOLVED] USB Drivers for Windows 98

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] USB Drivers for Windows 98

    I installed a USB PCI card, which Windows 98 is detecting and prompting for my Windows 98 disk. However, I have a problem in that my Windows 98 Upgrade disk is inaccessible in my CDROM drive. My first question is whether the Windows 98 USB/PCI drivers may be downloaded from somewhere. That would workaround the disk problem.

    My broader question is how to get my Upgrade Disk active again. I think when I deleted Windows 95 after installing Windows 98 it somehow thinks I'm trying to "cheat" and won't let my CD-ROM drive access the disk because it can't find some hidden file. Any idea how to recover from this? Thanks


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    Not to be silly, but it is showing the correct driver letter for your CD, yes? Suprising how many support calls I get on invisible CDs when windows is looking at drive H: (or Q:, or g instead of the CDROM. If you can access the CD in DOS, create c:\windows\options\cabs and copy all the .CAB files from the CD there. Then point Win at that directory when it asks for the cd.
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