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    Post External USB Hard Drive

    I just installed an external hard drive.
    It is a box which attached to the computer
    via the USB port. The drivers are DataStor USB IDE Controllers which is listed under
    the SCSI controllers in Device Manager and
    DataStor IDE/ATAPI over USB Link under the
    Universal serial bus controller in device
    manager. My sustem is Win 98 2nd ed. The
    computer sees the drive and can access it, but I cannot write, save or copy to it. If
    I try to do any of these I get File System
    error 1026. Any suiggestions?
    Thank you
    Joseph Arditti
    University of California, Irnive

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    Well you can try checking your usb settings in the bios.
    or before that right click my computer and go to properties. the device manger and check the hard drive config


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