Is there a CCNA test simulation
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Thread: Is there a CCNA test simulation

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    Question Is there a CCNA test simulation

    Hi, ... is there a software that simulates the CCNA-test questions so that one can get a feeling of the knowledge?

    The thing is, I know networking stuff but I don't know, how deep the questions will be - so I want to check this out before I do the test

    cheers Higg

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    there are transcenders for cisco tests you can also get an idea by searching the web for braindumps for cisco if you have never touched a router i would realy try to get your hand on simutalor. i found exam essentials 5.5 realy help full also.
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    I find the boson tests to be harder than the transcender tests, which makes them more accurate. If you can pass these you can pass the test.
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    There is also a CD out from Sybex called the CCNA E-trainer. It covers about everything in the book along with practice questions for the CCNA


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