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    Post version 2.11 or higher

    Hello out there,

    I'm installing a 3Com 3c509b-TPO NIC on NWlite.
    The error message is the same...I need version 2.11 or higher.
    But this is nowhere to be found. Not even at Novell.
    Can someone help me out ?

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    Did you download the DOS Novell Client from ?

    If you still can't get it working, Send me a private message: I can send you a floppy disk image that I use to login our workstations, all of which use 3c905x NIC's.

    Oh yeah, make sure that PNP OS is set to OFF in BIOS or the DOS drivers can't see the NIC.

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    Angry Same error...

    I need the LSL.COM driver for my system to connect to broadband and I can't locate it ANYWHERE!!!! HELP! I've been to the Novell Website without any luck... if you have any advice... Miles

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    Where to find !!!

    Here are some links to download LSL.COM , if anyone actually needs to find it these days. I got it from the first link:

    and in case none of these links work (because, say, it's 2015 -- or because they've been removed because it's against forum rules to post links), just search Google for: "index of/"

    ...and you should be able to find a bunch of places.


    Everyone say "Thank you"!


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