How much shock cap Notebook HDD's take?
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Thread: How much shock cap Notebook HDD's take?

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    Post How much shock cap Notebook HDD's take?

    I recently bought a new notebook, and was wondering if it damages the hard drive to put the notebook in my backpack and use it as a portable mp3 player when i walk to school...
    I was wondering if this will damage the hard drive or if it is ok, as in how much shock can they take when turned on?? | | Digitally Imported
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    It all depends on the model/manufacturer. some can take 2 g-forces, others 8. Check the specs on the manufacturer's page, but I suspect that walking to school ain't gonna damage the drive, unless some bully pushes you down and steals it.

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    Your laptop (fairly new) should be able to resist a shock of 6-8 G's - enough to resist heads moving while walking or riding to school.

    Also I would check and do a search of MP3 on, there was a guy publishing info on how to take a laptop drive and make a protable mp3 player the size of two cig packs.
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