Card will not keep drivers.
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Thread: Card will not keep drivers.

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    Post Card will not keep drivers.

    I am going around in circles on this one and i am getting no where. I have a 3Com Etherlink III Lan+33.6 Modem PCMCIA card that will keep its drivers. I did a fresh install of Win 95, everything including the 3Com card worked fine, no conflicts. Pulled stuff off another PC on the LAN and everything worked fine. Installed all protocols and everything worked fine. Rebooted a couple of times and everything worked fine. Went out on the web, worked for a minute then BSOD a couple of times, rebooted computer and now the Network part of the card is claiming it does not have drivers it needs and will not take the 3Com drivers (made for 95). This card has worked on this laptop using Win 98 and other computer running ME. I am out of ideas, any thoughts?

    Info about computer ~
    AMS Tech Travel Pro 100
    Win 95
    3C5622D/3C5623D 3Com card

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    I believe the Problem is on the AMS computer.
    NOT the OS/Driver.

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    3com etherlinkIII w/ modem huh? if i remember it's blue with a dongle the size of texas right? if i'm wrong, you may not want to read this.

    assuming the win95 Os is stable, ahem, is the OS stable??

    anyway, look for resource conflicts to show up ANYWHERE ON THE COMPUTER after installing some of the network protocols. Specifically, look for problems with teh PCMCIA slot controllers. Then you get to try to figure out which one is doing it and why is it screwing up.

    I plugged in a different model Nic modem combo and it worked on the first run. If you don't have that luxury, well, for what it's worth i'm sorry. good luck.


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