[RESOLVED] LG CD-ROM does not realise a disk is in it
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Thread: [RESOLVED] LG CD-ROM does not realise a disk is in it

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    Cool LG CD-ROM does not realise a disk is in it

    I have a Compaq Deskpro 2000 which has a LG (Goldstar) CRD-8160B CD-ROM. The CD drive used to work fine. However, now it says there is no disk present, even when one is in the drive. The problem occurrs in DOS and Windows 95. However the actual drive is visible in Win 95, as is its driver in device manager. I have tried removing the Win 95 driver and letting Win 95 redetect the drive but this does not solve the problem.

    Also the drive lets you eject CDs and insert them, but there does not seem to be the usual spinning noise when you press the play button.

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    One of the most obvious things to try is to use a lens cleaner on it. If that doesn't improve the situation then it could have died on you.
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    Things for you to check:
    1. The Bus-Mastering and Hard Disk Drivers, under the Control Panel.
    2. Remove any Real Time Drivers from Autoexec.bat and Config.sys.
    3. Don't check Copied CD-ROMs. Check some originals first.
    4. Try to remove the dust from the lens.

    If these wouldn't work, then the CD-ROM must be dead.

    Good luck

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