Toshiba Laptop USB port Problem
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Thread: Toshiba Laptop USB port Problem

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    Exclamation Toshiba Laptop USB port Problem

    I can use some info on USB ports on laptops.
    Here is the problem, the USB ports on my Toshiba laptop seem to be dead.
    This is what I think happened. I have a one of those flat box fan coolers that the laptop sits on. It get its power from the USB port. The Cat bit the power cord for it and I think it shorted out the USB port. I have a wireless USB mouse and that is not working. So I think both ports are out.
    The laptop is working fine. It can boot and other parts are working good. Just the USB Ports are out.

    Dose the USB ports have some kind of breaker or fuse ?
    What do you think need to be done to fix this?
    Can you just fix the USB ports or do you need to replace mother board?


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    Are you certain neither port is working? Are they still appearing in device manager?

    If they are completely dead, my guess would be whatever ic contains the USB controller got shorted out. I'm not certain, but I would imagine the entire maiboard would need to be replaced, as I doubt you'lll find component level parts unless you take it to a Toshiba authorized repair depot. If its worth having repaired, you can locate a repair depot here.

    If you're looking for a cheap solution, a PCMCIA card like this could give you some new USB ports.

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    ok thanks 3finersalute for the info.
    I'll do somemore testing and check out that PCMCIA card.


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