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    Post monitor prob at startup

    The first time I start my Win98 2nd ed PC each day my monitor does not show my desktop and log on screen (after NAV startup scan has run and Win98 is starting. However, if I reboot, everything is fine, and my desktop and log on appears as it should. On subsequent reboots, everything works fine too. Seems as if there has to be some amount of time elapsed before the problem occurs again. Is this the monitor? Or a prob with Win98? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I have been having similar problems.

    On a cold boot each morning my computer will boot to the desktop and lock up, sometimes after trying to open a program, sometimes doing nothing. When I reboot, it runs perfect.

    I built a new system with a DFI K6BV3+ mobo, AMD K6 III 400 cpu, Diamond Viper V770 32mb video card and 128mb sdram.

    To date I have:

    Changed to a Asus P5AB mobo, Switched to NEC brand sdram per Asus tech help, tried another AMD K6 III cpu on suggestions from a computer technician but nothing has helped. I was using Win98 1st edition. I even purchased Win98 SE.

    My next try will be to change video cards.
    I have heard that the Riva TNT2 chipset on the Diamond card is not compatible with many main boards.

    I do not believe that it is my monitor because I have an IBM Aptiva monitor that ran beautifully before I upgraded my AMD K6 233 computer.

    Hope this helps some, maybe it will keep you from trying some of the things I have been doing

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