Network Bridge in Win2k Server
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Thread: Network Bridge in Win2k Server

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    Network Bridge in Win2k Server

    Does anyone know if I can bridge two network connections in win 2k server.

    You can do it in winxp and I know you can't in 2k pro but can it be done in 2k server.

    I want to setup the 2k server box as a wireless access point.

    I have a normal wired LAN connected to a NAT ADSL router but would like to use a laptop wirelessly.

    I want to have it on the same subnet as the rest of the machines and with internet access.

    I would rather do this without extra software such as Sygate or Winroute.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated..
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you want to setup Win2K as a proxy server. You can do this with Win2K Server AND Pro.

    Right-click My Network Places -> Properties, right-click the NIC connected to your ISP -> Properties, click Sharing tab, click the checkbox that says "Share this connection". That's about it.


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